A few photos to share

The reality is that we are gardening in the hopes of supplementing the produce that we use at PAVIA. This means that the garden is a part of the whole process - as opposed to single project in isolation. What does this mean? It means that I don't get to post things as often as we would like. With that said, however, I am very pleased with the progress thus far. For year 1, it seems to be going okay. We are uncertainn as to the space will yield, but that will be revealed in the months to come! 


For those of you who have just clicked onto this blog, it is a work in progress. Essentially, we have taken short Facebook & Instagram posts and put it into this format to start the PAVIA Garden's Blog. Over the coming weeks we will start filling in the blanks are begin to tell the story of our food philosophy and how we put it into practice on a daily basis. We hope you follow along this adventure with us. Stay tuned for more...there is lots to come!

The Gardens have expanded to Herring Cove

Yesterday, after talking about it for almost three years, I managed to get out and plant in the front of PAVIA in Herring Cove. We are waiting for a new bike rack to arrive, but all in all it is much nicer than before and hopefully, by mid/late June we will be able to start using the herbs!

Planting! We're planting!

PAVIA is OPEN today in Herring Cove and PAVIA-Central Library and open Easter Sunday in Herring Cove only. In the meantime, the project of growing our own produce and working towards making PAVIA a zero-waste business is in full swing. More info to come but here is a photo of Victoria starting to plant! #gardening #halifax #halifaxnoise#raisedbeds #compost @annapolisseed #local#independent #womeninbusiness #cafe #gallery

Spreading the bark-mulch


PAVIA GARDENS UPDATE - Pavia owner Victoria Foulger spreading bark mulch between beds: started. Archway between beds to grow beans or cucs or zucchini or something: started. 10 wheelbarrow loads of soil to full 1/4 of one bed: completed. Mini excavator booked for tomorrow to do the other 11 3/4 beds: BOOKED!

The Beds are put in their places

After weeks of work, the beds were finally moved into place. What a job! They were much heavier than expected and, of course, the ground was not close to being level. Next step, levelling and soil.

Livingroom Greenhouse

We have created a make-shift greenhouse in our living room. So far so good!

And away we go!

Big News from PAVIA! Starting this spring, PAVIA will be creating their own gardens. This means that many of the ingredients from the savoury foods that we make, we will be growing ourselves. Just yesterday PAVIA owner Victoria Foulger met with Susan & Rodney from Free Spirit Farm at the future site of the gardens to start putting a plan in place. More info to come...but we are excited to start the process!