The YWCA is for, by and about women & girls. Since 1874 they have made it possible for women & children to escape homelessness, violence, and instability and move towards a brighter future. At PAVIA, we believe we have a social responsibility to leverage our success and act as a conduit for good. 

About Our Relationship With The Halifax YWCA:

At PAVIA we feel so fortunate to have such wonderful locations in Halifax.  Part of our commitment to our community is to leverage our opportunity to raise money for people in the community who need help. Specifically, we have committed to maintain our strong relationship with the Halifax YWCA. Our goal is to raise $24,000 annually (at a minimum) which, over the time of our leases in Halifax amounts to at least well over $400,000. 

On Tuesday, December 1st the 3rd incarnation of the PAVIA Polar Bear Dip Squad began it's slow and steady march to the fridge waters of the north Atlantic on January 1st, 2016! By clicking the button below you can honour a woman in your life who has made a difference. 

The Pavia Polar Bear Dip Squad

Here are some photos of from PAVIA Polar Bear Dip Squads from years gone by.