Day 8 – Saturday, May 9th: Toscana: Firenze

It would have been difficult to have left Firenze a few days prior had we not known we were coming back! Our early morning, fueled by cappuccino and breakfast at the Villa, gets us right into the centre of Florence. Starting at the Piazza Michelangelo,  you are unleashed on one of Europe’s best small cities with nothing but free time and your imagination. Options may include: visiting the Academia (David); taking in the Market District; strolling across the Ponte Vecchia; visiting the former home of Italian Fashion the Pitti Palace; taking a closer look at the Duomo / Baptistery; or you could always shop. We’ve heard that Florence has a few good designers and their shops may be worth visiting. In the early evening we meet at the steps of the Duomo and head back to the Villa where a number of dinner options are possible.