Situated in the village of Herring Cove, Nova Scotia, PAVIA Gallery presents exhibitions from established and senior contemporary visual artists. We pursue the advancement of visual arts through exhibitions and lectures that encourage dialogue to further understand what the artist is communicating in their artistic practice. 

We offer a small and exceptional viewing platform that creates an engaging space for our artists to use. It allows the public to be immersed amongst the artwork in our café setting, but also provides collectors with a relaxing space to interact, contemplate, and examine the works.

PAVIA Gallery is currently under the direction of Victoria Foulger and Christopher Webb.

Art Placement & Consulting

Pavia Gallery is pleased to offer our expertise to help create or enhance your collection. We have vast experience in installing artwork in private homes, public spaces, corporate offices, and for events. We can also easily crate and ship works nationally and internationally. For more information, please contact us.