Friends of PAVIA Gallery-Espresso Bar & Café:

Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS):

The Halifax YWCA (One of our Sponsorship Partners):

Leave Out Violence Nova Scotia (L.O.V.E.): 

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia: 

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce:

We are very proud of our suppliers and the ingredients we use:

28 Drinks (Iced Teas - Middleton, NS)  

Acadian Maple Products (Maple Syrup – Upper Tantallon, NS)

Bishop’s Cellar (Select Wines & Beer – Halifax, NS)

Bulwark Ciders (Found in our Herring Cove & AGNS locations - New Ross, NS)

Cacao Barry (Made from Sustainably Grown Cocoa)

Callebaut (Chocolate Chips made from Sustainably Grown Cocoa)

Charcuterie Ratinaud (Halifax, NS)

Coldspring Farms (Free-Range Eggs – Middleton, NS)

Eska Water (Still & Sparkling Water - Quebec)

Garrison Breweries (Select Beer, Sodas – Halifax, NS)

Greens of Halifax (Sprouts - Halifax, NS)

Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market (Select Vegetables – Halifax, NS)

Knol Farms (Selected Fruit/Blueberries – Spring Hill, NS)

Luckett's Vineyard (Found on our catering Menu - Gaspereau Valley, NS)

Meadowbrook Farms (Meat – Berwick, NS)

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla

Nova Coffee Roasters (Lakeville, NS)

Propeller Brewery (Sodas – Halifax, NS)

Riverview Herbs (Select Herbs – Maitland, NS)

Rousseau Chocolatier (Halifax, NS)

Roseland Farms (Selected Vegetables – Tatamagouche, NS)

School House Gluten Free Bakery (Martins Point, Nova Scotia)

The Tea Brewery (Mahone Bay, NS)

TruLeaf Greens (Truro, NS) 

Torrefazione Mokaflor Srl (Italian Espresso – Florence, Italy)