PAVIA - Espresso Bar & Café

With two locations within the Halifax Central Library (1st floor & 5th floor), another at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the original in beautiful Herring Cove, PAVIA Gallery - Espresso Bar & Cafe (est. 2011) is a local, independent business that strives to create exceptional experiences for their guests. 

The Gallery

PAVIA Gallery is a project-based gallery that offers viewers 3-4 individually curated projects per year by established & senior artists which occur simultaneously throughout all PAVIA locations. 


Whether it is at your location, off-site or you are booking a PAVIA space, we are always honoured to be asked to provide the culinary backdrop for your meeting or event.

Join Us in Italy

Join us in Italy for our 10th Italian Art & Cultural Excursion to beautiful Umbria & Tuscany! This tour will allow you to experience Italy like never before. Click here to see the unique itinerary. 

FOOD Philosophy

Not only do we source locally and ethically, PAVIA has created their own gardens and are producing our own herbs and vegetables.  We are striving to become a zero-waste food business.