Jayé Ouellette


About the Artist

Since moving from Toronto to Nova Scotia in 2013, Jayés work has continued to receive serious acclaim. Ouellette’s work is currently in the groundbreaking exhibition 'Terroir: A Nova Scotia Survey’ at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Her painting was also selected for inclusion in the ‘Capture’ exhibition that travelled the province from 2014 - 2016. In an interview, curator Tom Smart says about Ouellette’s painting in the exhibition “The image is deep and metaphysical. It’s a glorious painting”. 

Jayé has exhibited her work many times, through galleries in Canada and the United States. Including six solo shows in Toronto. She has been awarded numerous grants, through the Ontario Arts Council and served as a juror for an OAC grant. Ouellette's work can be found in numerous private and corporate art collections. Her commission work is extensive, most notably, the Skydome Hotel, in Toronto, and has created the annual awards for ‘Toronto Women in Film’. Her work and show reviews have also been featured in various art publications.

Artist Statement

The constantly shifting pattern of colour and light of the ocean, ephemeral in every moment, is an increasing fascination for me. I find the mystery of this dynamic and ancient entity deeply compelling. Water embodies the concept of endlessness, of complexities repeated from one drop to the vast sea, so powerful yet so very fragile. Initially my work incorporated the sky and the ocean, but gradually my focus has shifted to the waves themselves. The intent of my painting is about being immersed in this presence. I am interested in conveying how the ocean resonates, giving the work a decidedly contemporary immediacy and relevance. From one painting to the next, I attend to an ever deepening understanding and engagement with this subject that is ‘moving water’.

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2012     Look to the Living,  Mount St Vincent University Art Gallery, Haifax

2016     Ocean,  Ice House Gallery, Grace Joyce Arts Centre, Tatamagouche, N.S., 

2014     Water Wood and Wond, St. Francis Xavier University Art Gallery, Antigonish, N.S., 

2013     Sea, Marigold Art Centre Gallery, Truro, Nova Scotia.

2012     Waves, J. Franklin Wright Gallery, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, '

2011      The View from Nova Scotia, Robertson Gallery, Mobile, Alabama

1992      Tooth and Nail, N. F. Doyle Gallery, Toronto,

1989     Qem-entu/Was Found, Gallery Burston Roberts, Toronto

1988     Looking for a Title, Weller-Potovsky Gallery, Toronto

              I + II=X , Neo-Faber GalleryToronto,

1987     Outside the Inskirts,  Neo-Faber Gallery, Toronto, 

1985     Outside the Inskirts, Art Gallery of Lindsay,   Lindsay, Ontario