Frankie Macaulay

About the Artist

Frankie Macaulay is an artist and photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Recently graduating from NSCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Major in Photography, Macaulay has exhibited at the Anna Leonowens Gallery, Chives Window Space, Nocturne: Art at Night, Smallest Halifax Art Gallery, and the Corridor Gallery. Influenced by nature and urban environments, Macaulay often creates composite images of fictional worlds from fragments of reality. Macaulay works professionally as an assistant photographer for Raw Photography, does digital archiving for the Alex Colville Estate and has also done work for the Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation.

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Artist Statement

Urban Paper is a series of miniature paper buildings created from composite photographs. The series explores the cycle of urban structures in stages of neglect, decay and reconstruction. Within this cycle the boundaries of habitability are questioned against damaged exteriors, vandalization, and attempts to repair. All around our city there are crumbling houses, neglected buildings and vacant lots. Interacting with themes of temporality and materiality, this series asks how long and to what state can these structures remain habitable before they are abandoned.

Viewed as 3D objects, the paper buildings were created by digitally collaging photographs taken of existing exteriors. Each structure has at least three different images. During the shooting phase of the project, I search the city for pieces and moments of abandon to photograph, cataloguing an archive of broken windows, boarded up doors and cracked surfaces. These elements are digitally collaged onto a template to be built as a new and fictional structure.


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b. Halifax, Nova Scotia - 1988


2015 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Photography, NSCAD University

2015 Group Residency with NSCAD University & Parks Canada, Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia



2015 Reznick Family Student Creativity Award

2015 Ted Brown Photography Scholarship

2014 NSCAD University Handbook Cover

2014 Ted Brown Photography Scholarship

2014 SUNSCAD Award



2016 Tree Versus, Sir Sandford Fleming Park, Halifax, NS (TBA)

2015 Urban Paper, Corridor Gallery, Visual Arts Nova Scotia

2015 Nocturne: Art at Night – Urban Paper Illuminated, Chives Window Space, Chives Canadian Bistro

2015 Urban Paper, Chives Window Space, Chives Canadian Bistro

2015 Urban Paper, Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD University



2015 ghosts, Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD University

2015 Altered States: NSCAD Mental Health Collective, Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD University

2015 The Sum of a Photograph (curator), Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD University

2014 Zero – Two Fifty Five, Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD University



2016 Urban Paper, PAVIA Gallery

2015 Holiday Pop-up, NSCAD University

2015 Urban Paper, Smallest Halifax Art Gallery

2015 Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation Fundraiser Auction, Dartmouth Sportsplex

2015 Starfish Student Art Sale, NSCAD University

2014 Pop-up at the Christmas Shop, NSCAD University

2014 Starfish Student Art Sale, NSCAD University

2014 12th Annual NSCAD Photo Show & Sale, Barrington Street

2013 11th Annual NSCAD Photo Show & Sale, Historic Properties



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2015 – Process Installation Assistant, Pavia Gallery, 995 Herring Cove Rd., Halifax, NS

2015-Present – Digital Archive and Database Management, Alex Colville Estate

2014-Present – Assistant Photographer, Raw Photography (Steve Farmer)

2014-Present – Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation Photographer